Love is invincible as an educational method

I share an opinion article by Ignasi Argay, made on 06/30/2018 in the Diari Ara. An interesting reflection in relation to the vocation of the teaching staff, as well as the love for teaching and the content to transmit.

The student is always free to listen or not to listen to the teacher, to admit or not to admit his influence, he is the only one who can decide if the teacher knows the subject that he teaches and if he wants it

The author emphasizes that in order to improve teaching and learning processes, the application of certain methodologies or the implementation of digital technologies is not enough, but the teacher must transmit passion and love the subject.

To move the will of children, to attract their interest, it is not enough with authority, with fun, with technology or with instilling a spirit of improvement. There is something more. It is necessary that they be entrusted with the inner passion that animates the one who teaches. It is not a question of estimating the students, but that they capture our esteem for what we do, that they see that we also always want to know more.


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