Digital Inclusion

Doing a review of materials on digital inclusion to prepare a communication, I have rescued a book that I bought last year Inclusió digital a l’aula  by Ester Castejón, Conxi López and Miquel Selga.

It is essential that for a good educational inclusion, all teachers and agents involved in the processes of learning esenyanza are participants in this inclusion, and can not be left only in the hands of specialists.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of all of us to minimize the barriers to participation and learning of our students. Respond to all educational needs and demands, both those related to capacity, interests, forms of communication, the way of expressing oneself, mobility …

The implementation of digital technology is a good strategy that can help facilitate these processes, since it enables us to customize the learning itineraries, improve the possibilities of access to information, allow flexibility of the learning environment and encourage a more active student body.

I recommend reading the book to find out more about these tools that promote digital inclusion in the classroom.


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