What’s new in Google Classroom

Classroom has become one of the free services to create more popular virtual classes. We found it within the G Suite for education (Google). It allows establishing communication between students and teachers easily through a board, in addition to organizing content, proposing activities and their respective evaluation.

Configuration of the classes is simple …

It allows to create virtual classrooms in a more intuitive way than other managers, such as Moodle. In addition many of the Google G Suite applications (Calendar, Gmail and Drive) are fully integrated.

This application started as a simple virtual class manager, but it is constantly evolving.

Google has announced that they will soon post new changes in relation to Classroom. Many of them are oriented to the best organization of the contents, since up to now it has been one of the weaknesses of the application.

The new modifications will allow to improve the work planning and to make groupings by units or modules (until now it was only organized in sequence)

Clicking here, you can try the new version.

Some of the new specific features are:

  • Grouping of tasks into modules
  • Compressed view of class elements
  • New “people” page where the centralized list of teachers, students and tutors is displayed



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