International Course on Educational Innovation

During this week (July 16 to 20), we are carrying out the Advanced University Course “Innovative teaching-learning methodologies with spaces, tools and digital environments: design of a Smart Classroom” at the University of Barcelona (Campus Mundet).

The aim of the training is to generate an academic scenario for the reflection of the international context on issues of education, innovation and how this view can be integrated in the classrooms in a cross-cutting manner in different levels, contexts and educational situations.



This space for reflection is promoted as an event open to students of Specialization and Masters and graduates-engineers-graduates of programs related to education or who have an interest in approaching academically to the most contemporary issues related to educational innovation through tools and digital environments.

The program of the course includes from contents related to the integration of digital technologies to the system and educational practice (personal learning environments, design and didactic use of audiovisual resources, collaborative learning activities with digital tools …) as the re-conceptualization of the learning space, as well as the co-design of a SMART CLASSROOM.



In addition, various visits have been made, such as, for example, the Aula del Siglo XXI of the Blanquerna University, and the Ateneu de Fabricación de Ciutat Meridiana.

A whole experience that is training teachers in the use of methodologies, dynamics and resources for the integration of digital technologies in teaching and learning processes, but also with their awareness of the importance these media can have for the improvement of the educational practice and the guarantee of quality and motivation in the students.

Thank you so much to all the participants!

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