Who’s she

A great game designed by Zuzia Kozerska-Girard to pay tribute to women who have marked a before and after in the history of humanity. Through this particular “Who’s Who” ?, you can guess the identity of women asking questions such as Was it brown? Was it scientific? The author has named the game “Who’s She?” […]

Digital Inclusion

Doing a review of materials on digital inclusion to prepare a communication, I have rescued a book that I bought last year Inclusió digital a l’aula  by Ester Castejón, Conxi López and Miquel Selga. It is essential that for a good educational inclusion, all teachers and agents involved in the processes of learning esenyanza are […]


Teamwork in the classroom, despite being a didactic strategy that has been used over time, has now gained strength, and many of the classroom dynamics are raised through collaborative learning. There is no doubt about the long list of benefits of this method, from the improvement of transversal competences related to interpersonal communication, social skills, […]

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