Breakout EDU (room scape in educational context)

Yes, escape rooms are fashionable. For all those who do not know, are leisure games that consist of a physical and mental adventure that aims to leave a room through the solution of riddles and tests. In recent years, escape rooms are appearing everywhere. One of the first in Barcelona was Cronologic, and there are currently around 100 in the whole city.

Many teachers, fans of the escape rooms, brought this type of dynamics to the classroom. But without locking the students in a room. But, that through solving riddles and tests, related to curricular contents and competences, students get a number that allows opening boxes or similar elements.

I encourage you to make an escape room in your classrooms, it is a fun activity that can break with the usual classroom dynamics. There are companies like Breakout EDU that sell a kit to make an escape room in the classroom.

But if you want a cheaper option, I recommend you create your own box with a padlock and facilitate the tracks through digital tools such as Google Forms or Pygmy. Next, I leave you a tutorial.


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