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Surely, in many occasions of your daily life, you have used a digital map to search for an address, location, location or search for a route. And is that the use of digital maps, has become in recent years one of the most used applications. The most popular among users is Google Maps. It is a tool very used on a personal level, but if you put a little creativity you will see how in many occasions it can be a very useful educational resource.

The use of these digital maps provides us with interactive information so that the user can navigate the map and visualize certain contents and information according to their needs. Many teachers use maps to present information to students. Currently, we can still go further, and prepare customized maps. For example, create a map with the Gothic monuments of a city and add the information you want.

Starting from a blank map, you can add locations, points, routes, and other information. In this way, you can customize the digital maps and display the content that we edit.

If you are familiar with Google Maps you will not find it very complicated to create your own map. This digital tool offers the possibility of designing your own maps. In this way, you can start from a blank map, and add routes, places of interest, specific locations, among others. All your maps will be saved to the Drive, along with the other documents. Therefore, access to interactive maps created with Google MyMaps is through the Drive or through the MyMaps application.

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