Digital Manufacturing Space

Ateneus de Fabricació are a public and free service that disseminates the technology and science of digital manufacturing. The services are similar to those of a Fab Lab (private company), that is, to facilitate technology so that people can manufacture and create digitally designed objects.

In addition, the Ateneus facilitate that people learn and collaborate to realize these ideas that transform the environment and contribute to society. Therefore, they are based on a strategic project of citizen participation that in many cases becomes a point of reference based on the precepts of social innovation and the col·laborative economy.

In its program of activities and services, schools, families and innovative agents of the city are the preferred groups that have to enjoy a large space to learn, train and develop their talent.

Specifically, in Barcelona there are three ateneus: les Corts, Ciutat Meridiana and Fábrica del Sol. I recommend you consult its program of activities and services to initiate the Maker movement, the culture of learning and manufacturing based on technology and DIY ( do it yourself)


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