Makey Makey

In this post I present you Makey Makey, a kit consisting of a plate, contact clips and a USB cable that allows converting everyday objects into touch panels. That is, we can send signals to the computer and interact with it through, for example, fruit. It is an ideal tool for children and adults to enter electronics, programming and, in general, the world Maker.

How it works?

When you touch an electrically conductive object (for example, a banana), you make a connection, and Makey Makey sends a keyboard message to the computer. The computer detects the Makey Makey board as if it were a keyboard or a mouse. In this way, it is as if we had a keyboard and interacted in any program or web.

Any material that can conduct electricity works for Makey Makey: Water, Lemons, potatoes …


Be a Maker

Then, I attached some pictures of the test we were doing with potatoes. There are many possibilities that this plaque has and that can help develop skills related to creativity, the Maker mentality, self-learning and self-regulation.

In addition, if you join this kit with Scratch, and you program an application, you can work both the computational thinking and the first skills for programming.

Finally, comment that the cost of the plate and cables is not very high, around € 60. Click the following link to buy it.


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