Tour Creator

Surely, many of you will sound Google Expeditions, the app with which we can visualize, through augmented reality, several places in the world. This application is used in classrooms to access many places in the world, in this way, students can analyze, visualize, perform projects ….

Using augmented reality glasses (the most used and economical are Cardboard),students can be transported in the first person anywhere. But this App does not allow editing these spaces or share it.

For this, Google has created Tour Creator, that allows anyone to perform a virtual reality tour using Google Street View images or your own 360 photos.

The tool is designed to be able to introduce virtual reality content or use Google Street View. Therefore, we can create a tour grouping different scenarios.

Once the tour is created, you only have to open the link in your browser or see it in Google Cardboard. You can also embed it in a web.

I leave an example of tour:



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