Makey Makey

In this post I present you Makey Makey, a kit consisting of a plate, contact clips and a USB cable that allows converting everyday objects into touch panels. That is, we can send signals to the computer and interact with it through, for example, fruit. It is an ideal tool for children and adults to […]

Chrome Music Lab

Chrome Music Lab is a tool that allows you to create music through practical experiments. As the creators point out, this web application facilitates connections with science, mathematics, art and more. The objective is that educators, students and the public in general can experiment with music and link it to any field. Within the application […]

Best Apps for Teaching & Learning 2018

There are many educational applications that are born year after year, causing the selection of quality educational resources is increasingly complicated. Some associations, entities and educators facilitate the work, making a compilation of this type of resources. American Association of Schools Librarians (AASL) who has just published the best applications of the year 2018 for […]

What’s new in Google Classroom

Classroom has become one of the free services to create more popular virtual classes. We found it within the G Suite for education (Google). It allows establishing communication between students and teachers easily through a board, in addition to organizing content, proposing activities and their respective evaluation. Configuration of the classes is simple … It […]

Apps for kids

Mobile devices and tablets are becoming more common in our lives and also in our children’s lives. As commented “babies are not born with a bread under their arms … but with a digital screen”. The use of these devices, almost always connected to the network, is growing in families. Children have been using these […]

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