Digital Inclusion

Doing a review of materials on digital inclusion to prepare a communication, I have rescued a book that I bought last year Inclusió digital a l’aula  by Ester Castejón, Conxi López and Miquel Selga. It is essential that for a good educational inclusion, all teachers and agents involved in the processes of learning esenyanza are […]


For all those interested in using robotics, electronics and programming in the classroom, today I have been told about the existence of this microcomputer: Toymaker, created by the company Tokylabs, whose CEO is Eduardo Alarcon. Composed of a processor, memory, inputs and outputs, with Tokymaker you can create infinite prototypes programmed through the visual interface of […]

Tour Creator

Surely, many of you will sound Google Expeditions, the app with which we can visualize, through augmented reality, several places in the world. This application is used in classrooms to access many places in the world, in this way, students can analyze, visualize, perform projects …. Using augmented reality glasses (the most used and economical […]

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