The evaluation of learning is complex, and one of the pillars for it to improve student learning is that it contains defined indicators on skills, knowledge and skills.

One of the most used strategies for defining evaluation indicators are the rubrics, scoring guides that describe these indicators at various levels.

Corubrics facilitate learning assessment processes since they are easy to use by teachers and students, and they also offer objectivity in the evaluation process. These also facilitate the process of feedback and feedback, essential for a learning evaluation. Finally, the rubrics can help and encourage self-evaluation and co-evaluation among students, and streamline this process.

For all those who work with GSuite, there is an extension (complement) of the spreadsheet that allows you to create rubrics automatically and easily. CoRubrics is for the teacher to evaluate the students (by groups or individually), and also for a coavaluation (between students and self-assessment). I leave you tutoring for the download of the extension and its operation.

A very useful tool to streamline the management and implementation of rubrics.


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